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Recruitment Day at Elizabeth Shopping Centre 3rd Sept. 2011

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The Recruitment Day was very slow, but nonetheless successful with several enquiries from both Cadets and Adults regarding joining.

Our day started at approximately 8:30am and concluded at approximately 3:15pm.

Visit to Bublacowie for Long Tan Day Memorial Service

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On the 14th August 2011, the SA Legion Cadets were honoured to be asked to participate in the Long Tan Day Memorial Service at the Bublacowie Military Museum on the Yorke Peninsula.

Mr Chris Soars BM asked us to provide a Catafalque Party and a number of Cadets for the service. We had a very capable Catafalque Party of four members plus a Guard Commander and a another ten Cadets attending the day. All up, twenty one of us went for the service.

After an early morning start of 0730hrs, we travelled to Bublacowie (approx 2.5hrs) and changed into our uniforms to take part in the solemn service. Congratulations to Chris Soar for a very well organised day. The service was brief but afforded the dignity required our Fallen Aussie Mates.

After the service, there was entertainment provided and the "inner man" was well catered for with plenty of food.

The Cadets stayed until around the 1530hr mark and then travelled back home, arriving back at the Elizabeth Grove Primary School around 1800hrs.

Officers spoke with Chris Soars and he advised us that we are welcome there anytime for camps. He also gave us some contacts for possible financial assistance.

Welcome Back - 2017 is it your year?

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Welcome Back Cadets and families and friends.

All 4 Camps are up and running with the parades this Friday 3rd February

We have a busy year ahead of us ...therefore the more effort you put in the greater the events and parades will be.

We only have a few weeks of training before our first 2 official Events in public for the new year.

Please make sure you keep your contact details up to date.

Remember we are always recruiting and looking for new members to make our Command Bigger and Better.

The Edwardstown Primary School location starts this Friday and we are looking forward to having Cadets and new possible recruits attend.