Welcome to the Legion Cadets Australia

The Legion of Frontiersmen, Australia Command, also known as the Legion Cadets Australia, is a self funded, co-ed, Military Cadet Unit which caters for children aged 9 to 18 years of age.

The Legion of Frontiersmen is a worldwide organisation with a long history dating back to before WW1.

Our Officers and cadets maintain the tradition and comradeship of our ancestors and the Australian attitude of mateship that is so vital to our country‚Äôs history.  Over the years the focus has changed to cater for the youth of South Australia.  Our cadets are trained using Regular Army Cadet Curriculum.  They also receive Nationally Accredited First Aid training & self defence training from qualified instructors throughout the year.  Other activities we regularly hold include overnight camps practising field exercises, radio communications, rifle drill (for 12 years and above) & navigation.

Our training is designed to help these young people by teaching them self discipline, pride and giving them direction in life enable them to achieve their own chosen goals.

Parade drill is a big part of what we do, as this instils the discipline and pride so important to our goals.  All our instructors have current Police Clearance Certificates and are dedicated to providing the best support and training to our Cadets.  They take a genuine interest in our young people, allowing them to reach for and achieve high personal goals and learning valuable life skills at the same time in a safe, controlled environment.

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HQ Ft Nyangao

Ft Glanville Semaphore, South Australia

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Camp Kilimanjaro

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